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Where can I buy Gooseberry?

The Gooseberry online shop is the only place online where you can buy genuine Gooseberry items, our only other point of sale is our Gooseberry Boutiques in Bali.

COVID-19: Is it safe to shop from your site?

The health and safety of our colleagues and the wider community have always been our priority. We have enhanced the safety measures in place to safeguard teams, going above and beyond government guidelines to maximize protection. These include:. • 2m

Is my personal information kept private?

Please be assured that we consider all of the information you share with us to be private and confidential. At no point will we share rent, or sell your personal information. For further details, please read the Gooseberry terms and conditions statem

Where can I find information on sustainability?

To read more about how Gooseberry is creating a more sustainable future, visit the Sustainability section HERE